John Scalzi – Old Man’s War (2005)

Jan 26, 2006 by Mr. Nau John Scalzi takes us on a satisfying thrill ride, tagging along with our protagonist, John Perry, as he joins the army in old age after losing his wife to a stroke. This exceptionally well-written book is fairly short, but the action is intense and dramatic with very believable characters. […]

King Kong (2005)

A long, tedious remake of the 1933 classic, Peter Jackson directs this $207 million creature feature, starring Naomi Watts, Adrien Brody, and Jack Black. An unrelenting barrage of special effects eye candy sends us on more than three hours of a yawn-worthy story. It’s only a monkey movie, Pete. Grade: C. IMDB: King Kong.

Stevie Wonder – A Time to Love (2005)

Jan 19, 2006 by Mr. Nau Stevie Wonder gathers together a stellar group of musicians in support of his first album in a decade, including Bonnie Raitt, Prince, India.Arie, his daughter Aisha, and Paul McCartney. With the undeniable genius of this gigantic musical legend shining through every joyous note, this album is an instant classic. […]

Il Postino (1994)

A superbly lyrical and intensely emotional film about the friendship between Pablo Neruda and a mail carrier in a quaint Italian village, this masterpiece explores an uneducated man’s desire to put his passion into words, with the help of a poet. Spectacularly set, acted, and scripted, I loved this picture. Grade: A+. IMDB: Il Postino.

Ben Bova – Saturn (2003)

Jan 16, 2006 by Mr. Nau Toss 10,000 of society’s least wanted—personae non gratae of every conceivable type—and watch the power struggle begin. In this political science fiction drama, various factions vie for power in a space station. Despite conventional flat characters, this is an entertaining read, with a few unpredictable twists and turns. Grade: […]