Ronin (1998)

Feb 28, 2010 by Mr. Nau Robert De Niro and Jean Reno star in this suspenseful action thriller, full of astonishing car chases through European cities, exciting gunfights, and an intelligent story. De Niro plays Sam, a freelance operative working with a diverse group of people to steal a case from a group of armed […]

Harper Lee – To Kill a Mockingbird (1960)

Feb 26, 2010 by Mr. Nau Harper Lee’s Pulitzer-winning novel brilliantly explores the trial of a young black man on trial for the rape of a white woman. We watch everything unfold from the point of view of the daughter of his lawyer, whose life in a racist community never phases his belief in justice. […]

The Tudors, Season 1 (2007)

Feb 26, 2010 by Mr. Nau Jonathan Rhys-Meyers stars as Henry VIII in this Showtime dramatic series that follows the reign of the most famous King of England. With a gorgeous cast, magnificent acting, and utterly engrossing writing, this series is sexy, dark, and amazingly entertaining, even when the story departs slightly from historical record. […]

Sunshine (2007)

Feb 25, 2010 by Mr. Nau A crew of astronauts is sent to reboot the sun in this scientifically implausible, but highly entertaining independent science fiction thriller by director Danny Boyle. Eye-popping special effects sequences, a palpable sense of danger, a series of challenges, and a crew of highly eccentric characters ratchet up the suspense. […]

Moon (2009)

Feb 24, 2010 by Mr. Nau Duncan Jones earns critical acclaim in his directorial debut with this science fiction picture about Sam, played by Sam Rockwell, an astronaut nearing the end of his three-year-contract at a mining station on the moon. Despite a small budget, this thriller features a great script and believable acting. Grade: […]

Three Colors: Red (1994)

Feb 24, 2010 by Mr. Nau Irène Jacob stars in the conclusion of the stunning Krzysztof Kieślowski trilogy, in which a beautiful young model discovers and befriends a retired judge who is eavesdropping on the private conversations of his unwitting neighbors. The virtuosic cinematography, perfect acting performances, and brilliant script all contribute to sublime cinematic […]

The Dying Gaul (2005)

Feb 19, 2010 by Mr. Nau Peter Sarsgaard, Campbell Scott, and Patricia Clarkson star in this tragic drama about a gay screenwriter whose agent wants him to rewrite his brilliant script to change the sexual orientation of the protagonists. The well-crafted story and nuanced acting performances bring this intriguing, engrossing story to an unpredictable conclusion. […]

Barbara J Winter – Making a Living Without a Job (2009)

Feb 21, 2010 by Mr. Nau Barbara J Winters inspires aspiring small entrepreneurs in this short book about becoming “joyfully jobless” and finding work more in line with one’s dreams. Although this is a fun read, it is at times short on practical how-to information, but would serve as a motivating supplement to additional material. […]

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

Feb 19, 2010 by Mr. Nau With Tim Burton at the helm and Johnny Depp starring as Willy Wonka in this remake of a 1971 classic, it’s impossible to imagine a more unique and bizarre vision. Creepy characters, astonishingly comical sets, weird musical numbers and a fairy tale script all contribute to a fun, unforgettable […]

Volver (2006)

Feb 19, 2010 by Mr. Nau Penelope Cruz leads a phenomenal cast in this Pedro Almodóvar film. This beautiful character study follows the life of Raimunda, Cruz’s character, as she deals with her daughter, the death of her husband, and her dying aunt. Unbelievable acting, gorgeous cinematography, and an unforgettable script deliver a wonderfully rich […]

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