Kon-Tiki (2012)

Oct 31, 2013 by Mr. Nau This Norwegian picture dramatizes the long voyage of Thor Heyerdahl aboard the balsa raft, Kon-Tiki, breathing new life into the historic journey. While the original expedition carried a film camera and shot an Award-winning documentary, this engrossing modern retelling fleshes out this story and gives it new depth. Grade: […]

Safety Not Guaranteed (2012)

Oct 26, 2013 by Mr. Nau An immature staffer drags two interns to a small town Washington to investigate the author of a classified ad seeking a partner for time travel. One of the interns, Darius, finds the traveler and finds herself training with him. This quirky indie comedy has a very amusing, yet unusual, […]

TiMER (2009)

Oct 25, 2013 by Mr. Nau In this science fiction romantic comedy, Oona, played by Emma Caulfield, has a timer installed that’s supposed to tell her when she’ll meet “the one,” but it’s blank, resigning her to hopeless frustration. First-time director, Jac Schaeffer, helms this quirky little piece and coaxes good performances from the cast. […]

Greenberg (2010)

Oct 23, 2013 by Mr. Nau Noah Baumbach directs this independent comedy-drama, full of flawed, authentic, engaging characters. Ben Stiller stars as Roger Greenberg, an awkward neurotic misanthrope who stays in his brother’s house to do some work and begins a strained relationship with his brother’s quiet and lonely assistant, Florence, played by Greta Gerwig. […]

The Vicious Kind (2009)

Oct 22, 2013 by Mr. Nau In this ISA-nominated drama, Caleb, a wounded misogynist, offers his younger brother, Peter, and Peter’s new girlfriend, Emma, a ride to their hometown. Caleb’s interest in Emma grows into stalking infatuation, behind his brother’s back. The broken, flawed characters are utterly real in this character drama, sometimes painfully so. […]

Persons Unknown (2010)

Oct 16, 2013 by Mr. Nau Seven strangers from all across America are abducted and wake up in a hotel in an abandoned town with no clue how they got there or what their captors want. The pressure builds as they try to escape. Good writing and characters make this single-season series worth a look. […]