The Terminator (1984)

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in the first of a trilogy of science fiction franchise that helped define filmmaking. The special effects and acting were extremely breakthrough 22 years ago, but are ridiculously hokey and absolutely dated. Of course, as unrealistic as it is, the film is an action flick—nothing more. Grade: D+. IMDB: The Terminator.

John Howard – San Francisco Sessions 2 (2000)

John Howard, a well-known heavyweight in the San Francisco house scene, joins the Om lineup with this beautiful set of tribal house tracks from 2000. The choice of songs is great and flows well from one selection to the next. The jazzy, funky, organic sound is well-represented here. Grade: B. AllMusic: San Francisco Sessions, vol. […]

Diva Brazil (2005)

A multitude of artists contribute to this new CD that features bossa nova songs, both in English and Portuguese, that range from the traditional guitar-laden lushness for which the music is known to more danceable tracks, inspired by the clubs. Standout performances inspire smiles throughout this beautiful tropical set. Grade: A-. AllMusic: Diva Brazil.

Mark Farina – San Francisco Sessions (1999)

Mark Farina delivers a signature selection of San Francisco deep house music in this classic eight-year-old set from Om Records. Full of funky bass lines, compelling Latin and Brazilian rhythms, and solid dancefloor frenzy-inducing beats, this highlights the lush West Coast sound and is virtually required listening. Grade: A-. AllMusic: San Francisco Sessions.

House of Om: Groove Junkies (2005)

The Groove Junkies present a double-CD mix set on Om Records that offers up solid thumps pretty much the entire time. This selection of songs runs the gamut from Latin- and Brazilian-flavored house music to a long run of extremely churchy songs that started to make me cringe. Grade: C+. AllMusic: House of Om: Groove […]

The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005)

Steve Carell needs more starring roles.  His comedy genius shines forth in this unlikely story of a virgin, on a quest to get laid.  The plot well written and very funny.  You’ll wonder what will happen to him next.  The supporting cast help make this one memorable.  Watch this soon. Grade: A. IMDB: The 40 […]

Kaskade – Here and Now (2006)

Kaskade’s double CD set covers the breadth of the work that has made him one of the top billings on the Om label. His original compositions are standards of house music and this group of tracks delivers solid, if minimalist, songwriting. Excellent vocal performances round out this must-own album. Grade: B+. AllMusic: Here and Now.

Kinsey (2004)

Liam Neeson and Laura Linney star in this biopic about Dr. Alfred Kinsey, a biology professor who completed the first comprehensive, scientific study on human sexuality. The all-star cast performs well and the subject matter is treated unnecessarily clinically at times, but some scenes are frankly difficult to watch. Grade: B. IMDB: Kinsey.

House of Om: Colette & DJ Heather (2006)

This double-CD DJ set from two of Om’s shining jewels delivers an astonishing mix of banging house tracks, mostly in the Chicago style. Colette’s vocals on her CD are stellar, although she lost me on the Robert Palmer cover. DJ Heather brought the funk into her beautifully punchy set. Grade: A. AllMusic: House of Om: […]

Soulstice – Mixed Illusions (2001)

This CD of the remixes of Soulstice tracks is chock full of jazzy downtempo, breakbeat, and house tracks that feel like summer. The ethereal feel of many of the tracks makes this set an enjoyable listen. The vocal work is beautiful, and the production level of the remixes are stunning. Grade: B. AllMusic: Mixed Illusions.

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