Weeds, Season 1 (2005)

Sep 29, 2009 by Mr. Nau Nancy Botwin, a young widow in a cookie cutter suburb, earns a living as a pot dealer in this inventive Showtime comedy series, starring Mary-Louise Parker, Kevin Nealon, Romany Malco, and Elizabeth Perkins. With clever writing and an engaging story line, this irreverent series is full of hilarious moments. […]

Snow Cake (2006)

Sep 28, 2009 by Mr. Nau Sigourney Weaver and Alan Rickman star in this story of a man trying to console the autistic mother of a girl who died in his car in an accident. The characters here are very rich, nuanced, and believable. Good writing and solid acting make this tumultuous story a compelling […]

Thirteen Conversations About One Thing (2001)

Sep 21, 2009 by Mr. Nau A collection of intertwined stories have variously afflicted characters pondering the seeming randomness of life in this engaging independent film. A host of familiar faces bring the highly engaging story to life. A beautifully-written script by the Sprecher sisters and Alan Arkin’s performance garnered a pair of ISA nominations. […]

The Grid (2004)

Sep 15, 2009 by Mr. Nau This engrossing mini-series follows a diverse group of American and British counterterrorist operatives as they desperately try to stop an elusive global terrorist cell from executing their attacks. A tight script, fallible and believable characters, decent acting performances, exciting action sequences, and a global scope make this thriller riveting. […]

Carnivàle, Season 1 (2003)

Sep 09, 2009 by Mr. Nau In this gorgeous HBO series, a circus tours around the Midwest during the Great Depression. Full of magic and mystery, the story lines are extremely gripping and the characters are engaging. A talented cast of performers and parallel plot lines make this collection of DVDs almost impossible not to […]