Woman On Top (2000)

Mar 31, 2006 by Mr. Nau Penelope Cruz glows magnificently in this funny little fantasy about a Brazilian cook who comes to San Francisco and enchants everyone with her food and her quirky eccentricity. While the story gets very saccharine, the soundtrack is absolutely delicious. Can I order a bossa nova band to follow me […]

Hotel Rwanda (2004)

Mar 28, 2006 by Mr. Nau Don Cheadle stars as Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager who sheltered over a thousand civilians during the Rwanda Genocide. The subject matter of the film make the tense drama difficult to watch in parts, while other parts demonstrate how one man can save so many of his fellow human […]

Breaking Away (1979)

Mar 23, 2006 by Mr. Nau This bicycle race thriller features a very silly script and acting that borders on inept. Nobody involved in this picture seemed to have done any significant research at all on cycling. Despite its flaws, there are some thrilling, fun moments in this flick. Just don’t expect to be blown […]

Syriana (2005)

Mar 21, 2006 by Mr. Nau George Clooney stars in this excellent political thriller as a CIA field operative operating in the Middle East. The dangerous game being played is obvious throughout the picture. The tension is palpable and the sense of peril immediate and real. Great acting and an interesting story make this ride […]

Good Night, and Good Luck (2005)

Mar 21, 2006 by Mr. Nau David Strathairn completely owns the screen as Edward R. Murrow, a television journalist who stood up to the fear tactics of Joseph McCarthy. Despite the change in times, this picture feels absolutely contemporary. It is hard not to recognize a very historic, heroic moment when Murrow delivers his famous […]

A Very Long Engagement (2004)

Mar 21, 2006 by Mr. Nau Audrey Tautou is radiant in this romantic tale of a woman who searches relentlessly for her fiancé, who is lost in the trenches of World War I. The visual effects, magnificent use of color, sublime acting, believable story, and Jodie Foster’s French fluency make this period picture a wonderful […]

Finding Neverland (2004)

Johnny Depp stars as J. M. Barrie in this whimsical look of his friendship with a family that inspired the characters in Peter Pan. Exquisitely filmed, scored, cast, and acted, this movie examines the life and inspiration of the author of one of the most recognizable storylines of all time. Grade: A. IMDB: Finding Neverland.

Cory Doctorow – Eastern Standard Tribe (2004)

Is he crazy or is he right about the conspiracy to put him in a mental hospital to keep him out of competition? Art, the protagonist, is an engineer working with Eastern Standard Tribe, while living in England. This work was a riveting page-turner, but felt a little short. Grade: B+. IBL: Eastern Standard Tribe.