Wordplay (2006)

Oct 31, 2007 by Mr. Nau This unexpectedly entertaining documentary follows crossword editors and constructors through the building process of the New York Times crossword puzzles, shows us an obscure tournament full of hyper-intelligent people, and introduces us to celebrities who live for these puzzles. Full of clever humor, this is engaging and educational fun. […]

Wallace Roney – The Standard Bearer (1992)

Oct 31, 2007 by Mr. Nau Wallace Roney leads a talented group of musicians in a solid collection of standards. The solo work is pretty good and the tunes are choice. Mulgrew Miller, Gary Thomas, and Charnett Moffett lend their considerable talent. This is a good showcase of the talent of the young lions of […]

A Cry in the Dark (1988)

Oct 30, 2007 by Mr. Nau Meryl Streep picks up a well-deserved Oscar nomination in this Australian crime drama about the disappearance of Azaria Chamberlain. Meryl plays the bereaved mother with her husband (Sam Neill) at her side. Streep’s acting was memorable, but the rest of the performances seem very amateurish and difficult to believe. […]

Gerry Mulligan – Re-Birth of the Cool (1992)

Oct 30, 2007 by Mr. Nau Gerry Mulligan leads a large group in a revisit of Miles Davis’ groundbreaking Birth of the Cool, with mostly different stars and all the same charts. The tracks are longer and the musicians get more time to solo. With great substitutes and the original players, this is a great […]

A Map of the World (1999)

Oct 28, 2007 by Mr. Nau Sigourney Weaver and David Strathairn star in this melodrama about a woman falsely accused of child molestation after another child drowns in her pond. Terribly cast, ineptly directed, absurdly clunky, and full of ridiculous cringe-inducing moments, this is a difficult movie to watch and a relief to have finished. […]

Bill Evans – Complete February 1972 Paris ORTF Performance (2006)

Oct 26, 2007 by Mr. Nau Bill Evans leads his famous trio in a live performance from 1972 of unparalleled beauty. Many of his original compositions are featured, along with some great standards, and the playing is fluent, easy, and virtuosic. This is a great introduction to the genius of Bill Evans and jazz in […]

300 (2006)

Oct 21, 2007 by Mr. Nau The legendary Battle of Thermopylae is depicted in this wonderful war film, based on a graphic novel by Frank Miller. The action sequences between the Spartans and the Persians are unbelievably stunning, with gorgeous sets and cinematography. Full of bravado, the courage of the characters defending their homeland is […]

Herbie Hancock & Wayne Shorter – 1+1 (1997)

Oct 15, 2007 by Mr. Nau This interesting album features Herbie Hancock on piano and Wayne Shorter on soprano saxophone in a collection of ten original compositions. The music is primarily free improvisation. Each musician plays well off the other and the talent behind the notes is obvious. However, the tracks might lose easily novice […]

Blood Diamond (2006)

Oct 14, 2007 by Mr. Nau Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Connelly, and Djimon Hounsou lead a phenomenally talented cast in a thriller set in Sierra Leone’s violent civil war. The entire conflict is funded by the diamond trade and we get inside the war, the slavery, the smuggling, and the violence—from three intertwined points of view. […]

Days of Glory (2006)

Oct 14, 2007 by Mr. Nau During World War II, several countries in North Africa were French colonies. In this war epic, four young Algerian men enlist in the French army to fight the Nazis, enduring discrimination from native French soldiers. This engaging picture is beautifully scripted and well-acted by a group of relative unknowns. […]

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