Louis CK – Chewed Up (2008)

Mar 31, 2010 by Mr. Nau Louis CK delivers a hilarious stand-up performance in this Showtime special. He offers up side-splitting takes about everyday topics, such as aging, relationships, political correctness, parenting, pop culture, and language. His observations are unforgettable and his delivery flows with the confidence that marks him as a great comic. Grade: […]

The Man from Earth (2007)

Mar 30, 2010 by Mr. Nau A group of friends gathers for going away party at the home of Professor John Oldman, who reveals to the group of college faculty that he is a 14000-year-old Cro-Magnon. This engaging conversation affects attendees in a wide variety of ways, from riveting fascination to shocked outrage. Grade: A+. […]

Geoff Colvin – Talent is Overrated (2008)

Mar 22, 2010 by Mr. Nau Geoff Colvin provides an in-depth examination of skill acquisition in this book, full of practical advice for individuals and organizations. Through deliberate practice and focused effort, talent shortcomings can be overcome, but only if passion for the goal is high. This useful examination is worthy of multiple careful reads. […]

The Tudors, Season 3 (2009)

Mar 18, 2010 by Mr. Nau The saga of the reign of Henry VIII of England continues in this third season of the gorgeous Showtime drama. He contends with numerous challenges, including a Catholic uprising, the death of his third queen, an unsatisfactory marriage with a conservative fourth queen, and the downfall of his chief […]

Ernest Hemingway – A Farewell to Arms (1929)

Mar 18, 2010 by Mr. Nau In this novel set in Italy during World War I, American ambulance driver Lt Henry falls for a British nurse, Catherine Barkley. Their budding relationship is hampered by the ongoing war and Henry’s escape from the army. This wonderful novel follows an unlikely romance through war to a tragic […]

Pepper Adams – Encounter! (1968)

Mar 15, 2010 by Mr. Nau On this beautiful hard bop album from 1968, baritone saxophonist Pepper Adams plays a number of originals, obscure jazz charts, and standards. He’s joined by Tommy Flanagan, Zoot Sims, Ron Carter, and Elvin Jones. The music here is thoroughly enjoyable, beautifully played, and accessible even to people new to […]

Miles Davis – Bags’ Groove (1954)

Mar 15, 2010 by Mr. Nau Miles Davis leads a breathtaking ensemble in this set of dates from 1954. With Sonny Rollins (tenor saxophone), Horace Silver (piano), and three members of the Modern Jazz Quartet, this set of five songs is a superb example of tight improvisation and effortless musical chemistry between these astonishing jazz […]

Oliver Koletzki – Großstadtmärchen (2009)

Mar 15, 2010 by Mr. Nau In this sophomore effort (Urban Fairy Tales in English) by Berlin-based house music producer, Oliver Koletzki, funky basslines, beautiful arrangements, soaring vocals in German and English, and laid-back rhythms create a compelling musical journey. These minimal house grooves vary in tempo and make for a very interesting experience. Grade: […]

Day for Night (1973)

Mar 14, 2010 by Mr. Nau This masterpiece of the French New Wave takes place mostly on a movie set in France. François Truffaut directs and stars in this engaging examination of the art of cinema. The audience is shown an inside look at the chaos on set, and the relationships between actors and the […]

Herbert Benson, MD & William Proctor – The Breakout Principle (2003)

Mar 14, 2010 by Mr. Nau Dr. Herbert Benson and William Proctor offer a self-improvement book that promises a panacea, a method of enhancing creativity, athletic performance, and personal self-actualization. Unfortunately, when they’re not wallowing in spiritual mumbo jumbo, they’re laboriously revealing ideas that have been better covered in practically every other similar book. Grade: […]

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