Ambrose Bierce: Civil War Stories (2006)

Jan 30, 2007 by Mr. Nau With the ambience of a made-for-TV movie, this biopic of Ambrose Bierce ineptly presents three of his most famous short stories. The acting is barely passable, the costumes and makeup work are absurdly amateurish, and the hacks that wrote this utterly infuriating screenplay should quit writing such garbage. Grade: […]

Who Killed the Electric Car? (2006)

Jan 30, 2007 by Mr. Nau In a fuel-starved country where government officials, corporations, and consumers are scrambling for alternatives to fossil fuels, there have been successes and failures. This documentary examines the electric car project, from its initial success to its ultimate demise. The DVD also features lots of interesting deleted scenes and interviews. […]

American Me (1992)

Jan 27, 2007 by Mr. Nau Edward James Olmos stars in this look at thirty years of the Mexican Mafia in Los Angeles. The picture never pulls its punches, depicting in startling realism the gangster life and the experience in prison. Many of the actors and extras in this feature actually live in this violent […]

Hackers and Painters (2004)

Jan 27, 2007 by Mr. Nau Software guru, Paul Graham, presents a number of insightful, interesting essays that discuss how engineering happens, how technology affects our society, and how small, passionate groups of geeks can take on large entrenched corporations. This engaging piece of work has world-changing ideas aplenty, for the technical and non-technical alike. […]

My Family (1995)

Jan 25, 2007 by Mr. Nau A multi-generational epic, this powerful piece of cinema features a stunning all-star cast and follows the joys and sorrows of a Mexican-American family. Gregory Nava wrote a beautiful story and draws powerful performances from the actors. This was a thoroughly enjoyable film, evoking the full range of emotions. Grade: […]

Superman Returns (2006)

Jan 24, 2007 by Mr. Nau The visual effects in this action-adventure flick are astonishing. Unfortunately, the script is predictable, full of clichés, and totally forgettable. Kevin Spacey and Kate Bosworth are both hopelessly miscast in this utterly unnecessary waste of money. This just felt like an unreasonably modernized remix of the original 1978 classic. […]

Toots Thielemans – Man Bites Harmonica (1958)

Jan 21, 2007 by Mr. Nau A delightful set of standards and original compositions from the late 50s, this eight song CD features Toots on both harmonica and guitar, accompanied by solid rhythm section and Pepper Adams on baritone sax. Every track on this record is beautiful and the musicians effortlessly play off and complement […]

Clerks II (2006)

Jan 21, 2007 by Mr. Nau This dozen-years-later sequel to a cult classic brings our favorite convenience store clerks back onto the screen in a hilarious followup. Portions of this film are really inappropriate for some audience members, due to very raunchy sexual humor. A much larger budget made this a more polished picture. Grade: […]

The Quiet Earth (1985)

Jan 20, 2007 by Mr. Nau A strange accident one morning causes every living being, except our protagonist, to disappear from the face of the Earth. Eventually, he finds two other people. Despite an extremely low budget picture, a few plot staggers, and a tiny budget, the originality of this post-apocalyptic romp makes it worth […]

Harold and Maude (1971)

Jan 20, 2007 by Mr. Nau A young man obsessed with death meets an old woman obsessed with life in this irreverent and controversial comedy cult classic. The chemistry between the two lead actors, despite a 50 year age gap, is palpable and natural. The playful writing, wonderful acting, and eccentric story contribute to a […]

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