50 Words is a site of reviews. All reviews are 50 words—no more, no less. With 50 words, we can create short reviews that allow us to express our most to-the-point opinions. Less than 50 words makes it too tempting to say “it sucked” or “awesome”. More than 50 words makes it too easy to procrastinate. Many of these reviews, particularly those since November 25, 2006, are in hReview Microformats.

Note: Not all the stuff we review will be fresh and new.

Rating Method

Ratings are letter grades, just like we got in school (at least, in the United States — other educational systems in other countries may vary). A plus or a minus after the letter grade adjusts the quality within the grade itself.
For example: A- < A < A+.

50 Words about Mr. Bye

Mr. Bye is a self-confessed movie, music and book nerd. He grew up in Idaho, and lives in Boise presently. If it wasn’t for movies, music and books, he would be intensely bored. Mr. Bye enjoys sci-fi, fantasy and horror flicks and novels. He enjoys most music (no country, please).

50 Words about Mr. Ferrante

A native Californian and aspiring writer, Mr. Ferrante reads prolifically, if not slowly. He searches out exceptional examples of all genres of films. He enjoys most styles of music, including country. Like Roger Ebert, he attempts to write his reviews from the perspective of a film or book’s target audience.

50 Words about Mr. Nau

Engaged in a project to watch every movie nominated for an Oscar, a Golden Globe, or an ISA during his lifetime (since 1971), Mr. Nau is a movie, music, and book aficionado. He grew up in Idaho, moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, and has found where he belongs.