Andy Caldwell – Universal Truth (2006)

This brand-new album from a well-known house music producer features some great vocal performances and high production value. Many of the songs are more memorable remixed by other artists; others feel very cheesy and like synthesizer demo tunes. Andy Caldwell’s solo debut is okay, but simply not amazing. Grade: C+. AllMusic: Universal Truth.

Fried Green Tomatoes (1991)

An all-star cast bring this lyrical script to life in a story about a miniscule community in Alabama in the 30s. The casting is perfect, the script well-written, and the acting is sublime. This exquisite work of art is stark in its beauty and raw in its emotionality. Grade: A. IMDB: Fried Green Tomatoes.

Superman Returns (2006)

How many stories can you tell about the most powerful man in the world?  If this movie is any indication, not many.  Once again, Lex Luthor attempts to stop Superman with kryptonite.  The plot is slow paced, with a few exciting moments.  Not the worst Superman movie, not the best. Grade: C. IMDB: Superman Returns.

House of Om: Fred Everything (2005)

Om Records delivers another incredibly hot DJ mix set by the incomparable Fred Everything. Fred spins a set of punchy, techy deep house with lots of surprises. I found myself wishing I was on a hardwood dancefloor under a mirror ball with delicious strangers every moment this astonishing CD played. Grade: A+. AllMusic: House of […]

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