The Station Agent (2003)

Aug 13, 2010 by Mr. Nau Peter Dinklage delivers an unforgettable performance as Finbar, a quiet dwarf who inherits an abandoned railroad station house after the death of his employer. He encounters a group of interesting characters in rural New Jersey, with whom he reluctantly becomes friends. The script is superb and explores friendship and […]

The Good German (2006)

Aug 11, 2010 by Mr. Nau George Clooney, Cate Blanchett, and Tobey Maguire star in this Oscar-nominated drama set in Germany immediately after World War II about a journalist investigating the suspicious death of his driver. This period piece was shot using techiques available in the 40s and has a gorgeous old ambience to it. […]

QuinceaƱera (2006)

Aug 04, 2010 by Mr. Nau This coming-of-age drama tells the story of a Mexican-American teenager in Los Angeles, dealing with very strict working-class parents who kick her out of the house when she gets pregnant at fifteen. This beautiful story features believable characters who struggle with homophobia, sexuality, traditionalism, and gentrification. Grade: B+. IMDB: […]

Adventureland (2009)

Aug 02, 2010 by Mr. Nau Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart star in this romantic comedy about a college graduate (Eisenberg) who has to take a job at a run down amusement park and falls for the troubled Em (Stewart). The beautifully written screenplay is based on the experiences of the writer-director in the 1980s. […]

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